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We source the best quality unroasted, green coffee beans from the Yunnan Coffee Traders. They have a location close to us in our home province of Yunnan, China.  This close proximity allows us to get the best quality coffee possible while insuring the farmers get the best price for their crops.


我们采购优质的未经烘培的新鲜生豆,它们来取于Yunnan Coffee Traders 咖啡公司,公司坐落于我们云南省. 方便的地理位置使我们能够采购到最优质的咖啡豆,同时也能从当地的咖啡农中获得最低的价钱



Here at Cafe Awake, we believe in serving the freshest coffee possible to all our customers.  One way we insure this is by roasting our own coffee for all our shops.  We follow a strict rule of a "two week shelf life" for all of our whole bean coffee.  This means we roast weekly, smaller batches to fill the coffee needs of our customers. The freshest coffee can be found in our shops.

​在爱唯克咖啡,我们坚信要要尽最大的努力为顾客提供最新鲜的咖啡,所以我们选择在咖啡店亲自烘烤咖啡豆. 对于所有烘培的咖啡豆,都严格遵守“两星期货架时间”-意味着我们每周在满足顾客的需求的情况下,尽可能少量地烘烤咖啡豆。 所以在这里你可以品尝到最新鲜的咖啡。




Our baristas follow strict preparation guidelines to deliver a great coffee experience to everyone that walks into one of our shops.  From lattes to cappuccinos, you can find a great tasting drink to satisfy your coffee craving.  Not a coffee drink, yet? Our staff can help you navigate our drink menu to find your new favorite drink.

为了满足每一位走进店的顾客的体验,我们的咖啡师严格咖啡制作流程。不管从拿铁到卡布奇诺,我们都可以满足你对咖啡的渴望。从来没有喝过咖啡? 没关系 我们的店员会帮助你找到一杯你心满意足的咖啡的。

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