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One of the best ways to prepare a cup of coffee. The French Press method does not use a paper filter. This allows for the delicate oils to make it to the cup and the drinker to experience the full potential of that coffee.  准备一杯咖啡最好的方法之一. 法压壶不使用滤纸,这使得细腻的油脂可以充分融入到咖啡中,给喝它的人体验到咖啡完整的口味.

V60 手冲

Before the automatic brewing machines, coffee was prepared with a cone funnel and paper to filter out the coffee grounds. It delivers a great brew every time.

在咖啡机发明以前,冲泡一杯咖啡需要用一个圆锥形漏斗和纸来过滤咖啡渣, 每一次都能冲出完美的咖啡.


Similar to the cone pourover, the Chemex brings back the full experience of manually brewing coffee.




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